Industrial ROPS/FOPS

TopRops Industrial ROPS/FOPS - Back View

TopROPS designs and manufactures certified ROPS/FOPS for heavy duty industrial / commercial equipment and machinery. Both ROPS and FOPS are structures on a vehicle that form part of the cabin above the operator and/or passengers. They are designed to minimize the likelihood of operator and passenger injury resulting from accidental overturning during normal operation. In particular, FOPS are intended to ensure that a seated operator and/or passenger are provided with reasonable protection from falling objects, such as rocks or debris. We have designed and manufactured ROPS/FOPS for surface machines as well as underground utility vehicles.

Depending upon the vehicle / machine and application, TopROPS, if required, will manufacture a test device to accommodate the vehicle being fitted. No matter the application, TopROPS will ensure you get the design that’s right for you.

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