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There are many mining, logging, and construction sites that require vehicle operators to be protected from potential ROPS and FOPS objects in any vehicle operating on their job site. These rules can pose a challenge if you are providing rental machines, or if you are a contractor that intends to drive your truck on site. You may find yourself in a situation where you are required to supply roll-over and falling object protective structures on your vehicles, but these are not supplied or offered by the original equipment manufacturer. From ATVs to pickup trucks and mining equipment, TopROPS specializes in designing, fabricating, and testing new OEM or aftermarket protection for any type of vehicle. 


Vehicle occupant safety standards have evolved over the years to include roll-over and falling object protective structures, commonly known as ROPS and FOPS. Protecting the operator from rollovers is not as simple as building a cage around the operator and making it as strong and heavy as practically possible. A roll-over protection structure (ROPS) must be designed such that it is flexible enough to absorb energy during a rollover, while still being strong enough to protect the occupants.

Integrating a falling object protective structure (FOPS) into a ROPS design is often less challenging. This usually involves adding a steel roof plate on top of sufficient size that an impact will not cause the roof to hit the occupants.

Over the years, we have provided hundreds of designs for ROPS/FOPS, and other specialty equipment, which makes us the leaders in this sector. Simply, contact us whenever you need custom roll protection for vehicles and our staff will be at your service.


There are many standards for ROPS and FOPS. If you are requiring a one-off design for a specific piece of equipment, and it is acceptable by the job site, a less stringent standard that does not require physical testing can be used. Standards such as B352.0-95, SAE J1040, and SAE J1043 SEP 87 only require that an engineer reviews the design and stamps the drawings.

In a growing number of workplaces, these types of standards are not accepted. A standard that requires destructive testing such as ISO 3471 for ROPS and ISO 3449 for FOPS may be the only option. In these tests, ROPS needs to be built, mounted to a machine frame or similar fixture, and pass several physical tests. If the protective structure functions as both a ROPS and FOPS, the same structure can be reused to test for both standards, first with FOPS, then ROPS.


For companies and contractors that find themselves requiring a new or updated ROPS and FOPS design for their equipment, TopROPS only needs to be provided with the operating weight of the machine, occupant location, and access to the vehicle for measuring. We also require a type of vehicle whether it is a motor grader, ATV, earth moving vehicle, tracked vehicle, mining vehicle, articulated frame dumper, or construction vehicle. There is a chart available on ISO 3471 standard and based on GVW and type of machine. Our 3D scanning capabilities allow us to build a ROPS structure with a precise fit, even with older equipment that may be bent out of shape. If you are an OEM looking to have your protective structure tested, we can offer this service as well. We use advanced handheld laser scanners available to us to measure vehicle frames as that is considered the most critical point where ROPS and FOPS are mounted on truck frame/chassis. Our designers combine the processed scan data, 3D model, existing layout, and engineering design and customer requirements to create the required engineering results 

We start with these specifications, then using our prior experience and FEA analysis, produce an optimal design for the weight of the machine. The design is sent to the client for review and feedback before being finalized and stamped by our engineer. Once approved the structure is fabricated and the welds are NDT inspected. 

TopROPS delivers pragmatic systems and component design along with innovative and reliable technologies. We use rigorous and careful safety testing procedures to achieve this. From site investigation, damage investigation to conversion plan, reverse engineering, conceptual design, and detailed engineering, the possibilities are endless with TopROPS.


If physical testing is required the customer can supply a vehicle frame, or if practical, a fixture with similar properties can be designed and fabricated by TopROPS. Before testing a dummy built to the ISO 3164 standard is placed in the occupant position to ensure clearance is maintained.

For ISO 3449 level 2, the FOPS is tested with a 500 lb torpedo dropped from 17ft above the roof.

For ISO 3471, the ROPS is tested first with a lateral load, then a vertical load, then a longitudinal load. Our current test station is capable of loading a ROPS to 130 000 lb. This is typically enough force to test a ROPS for a machine with a mass of 65 000 lb. Our future test station is in the works to bring our capabilities beyond 200 000 lbs of force.

We provide an in-house Charpy impact test also known as the Charpy V-notch test facility to our customers. This test determines the amount of energy absorbed by a material during fracture. The quantitative result of the impact tests represents the energy needed to fracture a material which can be used to measure the toughness of the material. As per ISO and CSA standards, it is mandatory to have a material tested before ROPS/FOPS fabrication. In Canada, Charpy V-notch testing is performed under CSA G40.20-13 and ASTM A370-20 standards.


TopROPS specializes in designing, fabricating, and testing ROPS and FOPS to conform to many different standards. Our products have always been characterized by their high quality and measurement precision. Whether you are an OEM looking to certify your new design or a contractor that needs a one-off structure to get your truck onto a job site, we’ve got you covered!

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