Right Wheel Chocks for Trailers

Choosing the Right Wheel Chocks for Trailers

Letting your wheel loader slip away can cause irreplaceable damage or injury. Wheel chocks ensure safety for both you and the people around you. It offers a simple solution to prevent a potentially catastrophic situation and is much easy-to-use.

Considering various things before beginning with your trip, especially the wheel chocks is paramount. Spending an extra few minutes to make sure the wheel chocks that you are carrying on your trip should be used exactly for that purpose.

For example, trailer wheel chocks are a great investment to your business. These are small yet heavy-duty parts that aid in trailer stabilizing and prevent tire shifts. They work on all sorts of terrains such as hilly slopes, sandy beaches, rocky mountain sides, etc.

Make sure that the wheel chocks you are using are reliable and will help you in avoiding accidental rolling backward and forward when parked. In this article you will study about the features and specifications of the types of wheel chocks for trailer that are used in mining work. 


Types of Aluminium Wheel chocks used for Trailers
Various metal wheel chocks used for holding small trailers, cars, wheel loaders, transport and pick up trucks, etc. Best heavy trailer wheel chocks are ideal for mining and construction work.


1. Aluminum wheel chock 6″ (safety pink) – Travel trailers are designed to haul equipment and wheel chocks are necessary to restrict them from rolling away. 


Features of Aluminum wheel chock 6″ :  

  • Trailer wheel chocks help prevent parked vehicles from moving while being used for mining and construction.
  • Fits to many tires up to 30″ Diameter.
  • Made of aluminum for strength Has cleats on bottom for gripping ground surfaces in any weather conditions.
  • Can hold weighs up to 30,000 lbs in pairs.
  • The semi trailer wheel chocks are durable, and lightweight.
  • Used in all types of terrain, for example, great for ice and snow conditions.
  • Capable of providing resistance from fire, water, and heat These are best used for small trailers and cars.

Specifications of Aluminum wheel chock 6″ :

  • Product Specifications – 6″ wide x 8.75″ long x 5.86″ high
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Product Category – Heavy Duty
2. Aluminum wheel chock 8″ (safety green)   Aluminum wheel chock 8″ is required during loading or unloading of a transport and pick up trucks.

Features of Aluminum wheel chock 8″ :  

  • Can hold weighs up to 60,000 lbs
  • Fits to many tires 24″-54″ Diameter
  • Green color for heightened visibility
  • Chock fits snugs under tire contour for maximum holding power
  • Extruded aluminum construction is strong yet light-weight and reliable.
  • Open design provides an optional attaching safety chain, sign and hanging wall bracket.
  • Rugged bottom includes cleats for extra grip
  • Serrated top provides extra tire grip
  • These are best used for pickup and transport trucks, Jeeps, wheel loaders, trailers, etc.
  • Best wheel chocks for trucks are non-sparking, fire, heat, and water-resistant.
  • The chock’s curved surface allows it to be placed flush to the wheel.
  • The chock has teeth on the bottom for grip.
  • The chain and clip can be used to secure the wheel chock to the vehicle frame or sides.
  • The unit features a serrated top to grip the tire and a triple edged bottom to grip the ground.
 Specifications of Aluminum wheel chock 8″ :
  • Product Specifications – 7″ wide x 8″ high x 11.5″ long
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Product Category – Heavy Duty

Why TopRops?
Through our commitment and excellence TopRops is the leading manufacturer and provider of industrial safety products like wheel chocks. We take pride in providing the highest quality products at the best possible prices.

Through serving a diverse number of customers, we have imbibed knowledge and insight to ensure that each of our client’s needs should be met. Thus, we always prefer to use aluminum metal for fabricating wheel chocks because of its immense qualities.

One of which is, it neither gets corroded nor it wears over time. Due to this, buyers have the highest preference to buy aluminium made wheel chocks. In addition to that, these chocks will not break or bend, irrespective of the weather. They are fabricated with metal teeth on the bottom to have a better grip on the ground.


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