Frequently Asked Questions


What do you mean by ROPS and FOPS?

ROPS means Roll-Over Protection Structure and FOPS means Falling Object Protective Structure. These are used on vehicles to ensure the safety of the passengers during an accident.

What is the main goal of ROPS and FOPS?

The main goal of the ROPS and FOPS is to protect the operator against a roll-over accident and falling objects. So, they reduce the chances of the operator developing severe injuries during the mishap.

How can I get certified ROPS?

Each application has specific conditions, depending upon the machine types and nature of the operations.

Please consult us for more details on this aspect.

What are the causes of a rollover?

  • Driving at a fast speed while taking a turn on the curve.
  • Driving very close to a ditch, incline, or embankment.
  • Using uneven braking while driving at high speed
  • Losing control on the vehicle due to heavy load on the drawbar

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