Industrial ROPS/FOPS


Get certified Rops and Fops for all kinds of earthmoving equipment!

TopROPS designs and manufactures certified ROPS/FOPS for heavy-duty industrial and commercial vehicles. A rollover protective structure (ROPS) is a structure designed to protect heavy equipment operators from injuries that are caused during machinery overturns or rollovers.

FOPS structures are intended to ensure that a seated operator and/or passenger are provided with reasonable protection from falling objects, such as rocks or debris.

We have designed and manufactured ROPS/FOPS for surface machines as well as underground utility vehicles.

All ROPS and FOPS structures of TopROPS are designed, manufactured, and certified following the industry standards, and are accompanied by a CSA, SAE or ISO standards, which shows relevant information for each.


TopRops Customization

TopROPS can custom fit any type of vehicle or machine in your fleet, so you have the best possible protection.

We Design

We design and manufacture certified ROPS/FOPS for heavy-duty industrial equipment for the surface vehicle as well as underground utility vehicle.

Fabricating a Proven Design

Whether fabricating a proven design or turning a concept into a reality, TopROPS has got you covered.

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