Pick up Truck Roll bars

Pick up Truck Roll bars

TopROPS manufactures premium quality Hydro Bar according to customer needs!

Customers around the world rely on the superior quality of our pickup truck roll bar. Our drawbars fully meet the requirements of the customers. They are designed with user-friendliness and short lead times keeping in mind the applicable codes and industry standards.

We provide a custom-made hydro bar for vehicles (any truck/model). These are made with heavy-duty steel tubing and structurally engineered for safety and to prevent injury in a minor roll.

We attach great importance to ease of use so that customers are always satisfied.
We maintain our service commitment. Almost all commonly used drawbars and spare parts kits are available from stock, therefore, you can benefit from the shorter delivery time.


  • Innovative and certified pickup truck roll bar
  • Structurally engineered for safety and helps prevent injury in a rollover
  • Adds a vibrant and bold look to your truck
  • Built-in rear window guard
  • Custom made for any truck make/model
  • Made with heavy-duty steel tubing
  • Ability to add accessories
  • All assembling hardware is included
  • Black standard paint for all base models
  • Option of adding durable powder-coating for extra corrosion resistance

Frequently Asked Questions

Fall Over Protection System is a safety device designed to ensure that the operator and occupants are safe from falling object accidents. This system maintains optimum safety and security to make sure that the work gets done correctly.
A Rollover bar or anti-roll bar is a device that reduces vehicle rolling. It’s a torsion spring bar that is placed to protect occupants from serious accidents caused by unintentional rolling of vehicles.
ROPS is a fantastic system that is designed for vehicle safety. In 1981, a law made all the tractors manufactured after that year fitted with a compliant ROPS. Also, this law states that tractors built before the given year are exempt.