Roll Over Protection External

Roll Over Protection External

At TopROPS, we provide you external ROPS for all your needs.

Patent Protected

Our ROPS comes with a built-in rear window guard and can be transferred to another vehicle of a similar make and model. The truck ROPS is easily installed on-site or can be crated and shipped to any location for our customers to easily assemble and install themselves. We can accommodate any light-duty commercial vehicle make model. Our Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) is a patent-protected, certified, proven matrix designed to maximize survival space in a rollover event. They have been designed and tested to the highest standards.
TopROPS makes sure that the ROPS/FOPS for your vehicle or machine is of the best fit.
Our light-duty commercial vehicle (pick-up truck) ROPS/FOPS are designed and tested to the highest standards. TopROPS manufactures custom Rops for trucks to fit any type of vehicle or machine in your fleet to provide you the best possible protection. We can accommodate any make and model of light-duty commercial vehicles. The pick-up truck ROPS is easily installed on-site or can be shipped to any location to our customers. ROPS can also be easily transferred to other vehicles of similar models. Optional accessories can be integrated into the ROPS.
At TopROPS, all of our ROPS/FOPS are manufactured by CWB certified welders!
Pick Up Truck ROPS are certified to ISO 3471 and ISO 3449 standard Physically Tested units

Why Choose Us

With our Truck ROPS, companies of various industries can increase the safety of their light-duty vehicles. These ROPS structures provide a superior protection system that works in tandem with the vehicles’ existing safety features. This allows employers to outfit their vehicles for safe operation in unconventional environments.

  • Work Lights
  • Beacon
  • Integrated Top Guard
  • Wheel Chock Holder
  • FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structure)
  • Custom paint colors
  • Tool Boxes

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