TopROPS offers ROPS (Rollover Protective Structures), FOPS (Falling Object Protective Structures), and OPS (Operator Protective Structures) AND certified cabs for the customers.

  • TopROPS offer turn key design and manufacture ROPS/FOPS Cabins and canopies utilizing the latest CAD software from concept through to production
  • TopROPS also offer finite element analysis, prototyping, destructive testing services, manufacture to the international standards relevant for the specific application.
  • TopROPS is the leading manufacturer of operator cabins and canopies in North America.
  • TopROPS manufactures ROPS/FOPS Cabins and a variety of products for Earthmoving, Mining and Forestry equipment contractors and corporations

All cab options can be equipped with:

  • Completely enclosed, full-panelled, tinted Lexan windows
  • Heating and air conditioning options are available
  • Wipers, Hoods and Sealed gaskets
  • Tested & certified to ISO & other industry standards.
  • Wiring schematic and ducts pre-built in
  • Provision for LED and beacon light mount tabs

We aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for workers by giving them a temperature-controlled, quiet, and enjoyable workspace.

TopROPS can design & manufacture a fully custom cab to your exact specifications

Cab Specifications

We produce cabs with the following specifications:

  • Sound suppression
  • Air Conditioner/ Heater/ Pressurizer
  • Instrument/ Control Panels and Wiring
  • Steering System
  • Seats and Restraint Systems
  • Standard Safety Glass/ Special Glazing
  • Windshield Wipers and Washer
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting and Mirrors

TopROPS can repair and recertify Cabs (any make, any model)

  • We specialize in the repair and re-certification of all OEM ROPS FOPS structures that include open CABS, enclosed CABS, ROPS, TOPS, and FOPS.
  • We have procedures set in place for Re-certifying these structures.
  • We provide a cost-effective alternative that minimizes operational downtime and delivers an “as new” fully refurbished ROPS FOPS Cabin.
  • Over 20 years of Experience in Repair, Engineering, and Custom steel fabrication.


At TopROPS, full metal fabrication services are also provided. We have products ranging from flat panels to complete welded, along with painted and sub-assembled structures.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the same cab can be used for both FOPS and ROPS. But when doing so, it’s essential that the FOPS evaluation must go before the ROPS tests. Not to mention, under some instances, the replacement of FOPS cover is also permitted.
The main aim of ROPS is to provide a better protective zone when a rollover accident occurs. This system works mainly for the operator’s cabin, so the operator does not get crushed or thrown away in the accident. In short, ROPS creates a protective environment.
Unsafe driving conditions, speed abuse, and distracted drivers invite tractor rollover. Besides this, not following traffic rules and uneven roads can also lead to tractor rollover.
While ROPS and FOPS have a similar motive, they are different. That’s because ROPS is for the protection of heavy equipment operators. Whereas FOPS only protects the occupants from falling objects. So, if a vehicle gets only a ROPS certificate, it does not mean that the vehicle is also compliant with FOPS.

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