TopROPS specializes in repair and re-certification of all OEM ROPS/FOPS structures.
TopROPS can repair and recertify any make, any model.

TopROPS provides quick and cost-effective alternatives that minimize operational downtimes and deliver as new and fully refurnished ROPS/FOPS to existing standards. Any repairs or unauthorized modifications made to the OEM Roll-over Protection Structure voids the ROPS certification.

TopROPS has repaired many different types of ROPS, FOPS, roll bars & ROPS/FOPS CABS from many different manufactured and have become quite proficient in the repair process.

All ROPS and FOPS structures of TopROPS are designed, manufactured, and certified following the industry standards, and are accompanied by a certification tag, which shows relevant information for each.

Why get your damaged Cabs/Rops-Fops certified from us :

  • We specialise in the repair and re-certification of all OEM ROPS/FOPS structures that include open CABS, enclosed CABS , ROPS,TOPS,FOPS.
  • We have procedures set in place for Re-certifying Cabs & ROPS FOPS for various mobile equipment.
  • We provide a cost-effective alternative that minimises operational downtime and delivers an “as new” fully refurbished ROPS FOPS Cabin.
  • Over 20 years of experience in Repairs, Engineering and Fabrication.
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