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3D Modeling


Experience the Power of 3D Modelling

with Top Scan

Introducing our cutting-edge 3D scanning services, brought to you by Top Scan. Based in Northern Ontario, we offer top-of-the-line scanning solutions that can generate precise 3D models of any object.

Whether you need reverse-engineering solutions, tailored product design services, or the transformation of discontinued parts into 3D models and CAD drawings, we have you covered. Our team ensures a seamless scanning experience, delivering fast and reliable measurements with utmost accuracy.

The data obtained through 3D scanning is invaluable in the development of engineering design software packages. Our skilled designers combine the processed scan data, 3D models, existing layouts, and engineering requirements to deliver comprehensive engineering results. This includes conversion specifications, engineering drawings, and detailed manufacturing engineering drawings.

Our scanned data can be seamlessly imported into popular software like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, etc.

  • Providing top scanning services right here in Northern Ontario

  • Reverse-engineering solutions

  • Solutions tailored to your specific product design requirements

  • Turn discontinued parts into 3D models and CAD drawings.

  • Easiest scanning experience, generating fast and reliable measurements.

3D Modeling

High security of all information and data

100% guaranteed quality

Speedy delivery of projects

Cost-saving service

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