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Pick Up Truck Roll Bars


Elevate Safety Standards: TopROPS' Custom Hydro Bar for Pickup Trucks

TopROPS takes pride in manufacturing premium quality pickup truck roll bars, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of our valued customers worldwide. Our hydro bars are meticulously crafted, ensuring superior quality, user-friendliness, and quick turnaround times while adhering to industry standards and applicable codes.

We understand that every pickup truck is different, and that's why we offer custom-made hydro bars tailored to fit your specific vehicle requirements. Our hydro bars are constructed using heavy-duty steel tubing and undergo rigorous structural engineering to ensure optimal safety and prevent injuries in the event of a minor roll.

Custom-Made Hydro Bar for Any Truck Model

Pick Up Truck Roll Bars

At TopROPS, customer satisfaction is paramount. We place great importance on the ease of use and functionality of our hydro bars, ensuring that customers can effortlessly install and utilize them. By considering user-friendliness in the design process, we guarantee a seamless experience and peace of mind for our valued customers.

We maintain our service commitment.

Almost all commonly used drawbars and spare parts kits are available from stock, therefore, you can benefit from the shorter delivery time.

Product Details

Innovative and certified pickup truck roll bar

Structurally engineered for safety and helps prevent injury in a rollover

Adds a vibrant and bold look to your truck

Built-in rear window guard

Custom made for any truck make/model

Made with heavy-duty steel tubing

Ability to add accessories

All assembling hardware is included

Black standard paint for all base models

Option of adding durable powder-coating for extra corrosion resistance