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ROPS/FOPS: Essential Safety Measures for

Transport Trucks

Rollover accidents pose a significant risk to transport trucks, especially on curved road segments. Alarming statistics reveal that nearly half of all deaths involving occupants of large trucks are the result of rollover crashes. With approximately 15,000 commercial trucks experiencing rollovers each year, the need for Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS) and Falling Object Protection Systems (FOPS) in transport trucks is undeniable.


ROPS provides a protective structure around the operator's compartment, reducing the risk of ejection and crush injuries during rollover incidents. FOPS structures offer protection from falling objects, safeguarding operators and passengers from potential hazards.

Implementing certified ROPS/FOPS in transport trucks is crucial for preventing accidents. These systems counteract the high centers of gravity in trucks, minimizing the likelihood of rollovers and reducing the severity of injuries in the event of an accident. By absorbing impact forces and mitigating risks, ROPS/FOPS enhance overall safety for truck operators and other road users.

ROPS/FOPS are indispensable safety measures for transporting trucks, preventing rollover accidents and adding a layer of protection for operators. By investing in these certified systems, the transportation industry can significantly improve safety on the road and reduce the risks associated with rollovers and falling objects.

Can be installed in any make/model of North American trucks up to 10 TON (GVW of the truck)

Can be shipped to your site & installed with ease by your crew

Easily bolts to your truck chassis or OEM Frame

Can be installed on tractor-trailers, Fuel/gas carriers, explosive carriers, and lumber trucks

Epoxy painted for paint durability.

Application specific for exploration industries, gas, and pipelines, mining, petroleum, etc.

At TopROPS, all of our ROPS/FOPS are manufactured by CWB certified welders!

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