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Heavy Duty Aluminum wheel chock
Heavy Duty Aluminum Wheel Chock (TC-12)

Used for : Mining , Construction

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Aluminum wheel chock for trucks
Aluminum Wheel Chock for Trucks (TC-16)

Used for : Mining , Construction

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Aluminum Wheel Chock for Motorcycle
Aluminum Wheel Chock (TC-6)

Used for : Mining , Construction

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Aluminum Wheel Chock
Aluminum Wheel Chock (TC-10)

Used for : Mining , Construction

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Wheel Chocks Canada


Do you know what the tiny wedges are called that keep the car’s tire from rolling? Well, they are wheel chocks and are generally used for accident prevention and safety.

Wheel chocks are devices that are placed behind or in front of a vehicle’s wheels to prevent the vehicle from moving.

Although this safety tool never gets the limelight, it comes in handy in various situations.

The unintentional movement of a vehicle can be very scary, and it can even result in death. That’s why it’s always recommended to use industrial wheel chocks when loading, unloading, hitching, unhitching, or servicing a vehicle.

In a nutshell, tiny commercial wheel chocks prevent the wheel from doing what it does best- from rolling. It’s a cheap investment for your and others’ safety.

Why Choose Aluminum Wheel Chocks Canada?

While shopping for Canadian wheel chocks, one can easily get confused because they are made of various materials. Some popular materials include rubber, wool, steel, urethane, and aluminum. Among these, aluminum is the first choice of people because it’s affordable and durable. Besides being affordable, a few other features make aluminum wheel chocks in Canada a better choice.

1. Certified

Just like other wheel chocks, aluminum wheel chocks Canada are also certified. That means you can use mining wheel chocks and other kinds of wheel chocks without any second thought.

2. Resistant To All Kinds of Harsh Conditions

Out of all the materials, it’s aluminum that is resistant to all kinds of harsh conditions. Unlike steel, aluminum does not get brittle when the temperature drops down. Also, it can withstand high temperatures.

3. Lightweight

One thing that has increased the popularity of aluminum wheel chocks is their lightweight. These are very lightweight wheel chocks & this factor makes aluminum wheel chocks for heavy-duty vehicles easy to carry.

Another interesting thing about aluminum wheel chocks is that they are more durable than plastic and rubber. That means you don’t have to replace them after a while.

4. Powder-Coated

The aluminum wheel chocks available in the market are powder coated with high visibility colors. This thing makes them easily visible even in low lighting conditions.

5. Cost-Saving

Lastly, aluminum construction wheel chocks are known for being affordable. That means getting this wheel chock won’t put a strain on your pocket.

Types Of Wheel Chocks

Do you want to buy the best kind of Canadian wheel chocks for mining? Or are you looking for wheel chocks for caterpillars? Well, in either case, you can trust the products of TopROPS

Our company designs the best range of certified wheel chocks in Canada. These wheel chocks are durable and can be used for different applications. You can find five premium ranges of wheel chocks for underground mining and other applications at TopROPS.

How Do Wheel Chocks Work?

Wheel chocks in Canada for open pit mining, construction, construction sites, hydro dam, hard and soft rock mining can prevent accidents, but if you don’t know the right way of using this product, it might not serve the purpose. 

The main work of these lightweight wheel chocks are to stop the vehicle tire from moving further. For better results, you must place it below the vehicle’s center of gravity. You need to remember that for an uphill grade, the position of the chock should be behind the rear wheels. Similarly, for a downhill grade, it should be in front of the front wheels.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing Wheel Chocks

If you are planning on buying wheel chocks, don’t make a random selection. Instead, consider the below-mentioned points to get the right product.

  • Wheel size
  • Condition of the ground surface
  • Gross vehicle operating weight
  • Tire pressure level variance due to environment
  • Level of the ground
  • Type of tire

How To Properly Install Wheel Chocks?

If the wheel chocks are not properly installed, they might not offer maximum safety and protection. Here’s how you can properly install them.

  • While installing, make sure that it is placed in the center of the tire.
  • After that, you must try to position the wheel chocks against the tire tread.
  • Make sure that you have kept them downhill and right below the trucks or car’s center of gravity.
  • In the case of uphill grade, chock should be behind the rear wheels.
  • In the case of level grade, it should be at the back and front of a single tire.
  • In case of downhill grade, keep it in front of the front wheels.

You should almost never use a single wheel chock as it might not be effective. Instead, always use it in pairs.

Wheel chocks for open pit mining are essential, and their benefits cannot be ignored. After all, their main job is to prevent a vehicle from moving from its position. This thing helps stop on-site accidents, which can usually take a deadly turn. 

But buying a wheel chock Canada means nothing if you don’t know the right way to position it. Thus, read how to properly install the wheel chock before beginning the process so that you can maintain proper safety. 

You can contact us at TopROPS to buy the best range of wheel chocks for different kinds of vehicles.   

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You should use a wheel chock to avoid unintentional moving of vehicle tires while doing work such as overturning, rolling, loading, unloading, unhitching, and hitching.

    When it comes to wheel chocks, you cannot follow the one-size-fits-all theory. That’s because different wheel sizes require a separate kind of wheel chock. 

    So, depending on the height of the vehicle tire, get wheel chocks. However, for better results, pick a wheel chock around 25% of the tire’s height. 

    It is generally advised to use double wheel chocks as a single-wheel chock might not stop the tire from moving.

    Plastic and rubber wheel chocks are both resistant to blunt damage, wind damage, and water damage. When compared, plastic wheel chocks are lighter in weight, but rubber wheel chocks are high strength. 

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