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Safety Tips to be Remembered while using Wheel Chocks

Safety Tips to be Remembered while using Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are an essential part of the vehicles that ensure the safety and assurance of your vehicle. You have to select the best quality chock wheel to be on the safer side but do we really take all the safety precautions while using wheel chocks? You might be following the safety tips while using a wheel chock and they are right ‘according to you’. Such misguided precautions that you follow might take you to a huge loss.

Therefore operating the right defensive steps in the right way is the most important thing with wheel chocks. Here is the list of the safety tips to be taken care of while using wheel chocks.


Safety Tips while using Wheel Chocks

1. Placing it in The Secured Positions

The wheel chocks should be placed in a secured position. When you do this it becomes much easier for you to identify the chock when the wheel chocks are required. The wheel chocks can be placed in the center of the vehicle. Another location where wheel chocks can be placed is on the sides of the vehicle. This makes it a little difficult to identify the placement of the chock while working.

The third position is where you can place the wheel chock is at the back of the vehicle. This is the most convenient position for the placement of the wheel chocks while working.

2. Tighten Your Wheel Chock Effectively and Recheck it

The wheel chocks should be tightened to the maximum. You can place the wheel chocks on the wheel or on the axle.

3. Cover the Wheel Chock With a Cover

The wheel chocks should be covered with a cover to keep the dust and moisture away from them. The cover should be designed in the shape of the chock so that it gets attached to the chock.

4. Avoid Mechanical Fault

The wheel chocks should be checked regularly to avoid any mechanical fault. As they are of great importance so wheel chocks and vehicles, should be checked regularly.

5. Never Leave the Wheel Chock Unattended

You should never leave the wheel chock unattended and should always remember to take the wheel chocks along with you when you are going out.

6. Avoid the Sunlight

The wheel chocks should be placed at a location where there is less or no sunlight. It should be kept in the shade to avoid damage to the chock.

7. Never Use the Wheel Chock if it is Broken

You should never use a broken wheel chock. It is recommended to get the wheel chocks replaced when it is broken.

8. Never Operate the Vehicle Without the Wheel Chock

It is recommended never to operate the vehicle without placing the wheel chock. It is always better to ensure your and your vehicle’s safety at first.

9. Use the Correct Wheel Chock

You should always use the correct wheel chock for appropriate vehicle such as Aluminium Wheel Chock for Trucks (TC-16).

10. Use The Wheel Chocks as Per The Manufacturer’s Instructions

The wheel chocks should be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions and according to the climatic conditions.



Wheel chocks are very important for vehicles. But what is more important is using them in the right way and following your directions rightly.

TopROPS is a certified and trusted wheels chock supplier in Canada. We only use quality material and provide it at affordable prices. We ensure 100% safe and secure metal wheel chocks that stand all industrial standards and ensure the full safety of your vehicle.

For more details please contact us and we will try our best to answer and fulfill your all needs and demands.


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